The generation gap can make explaining anything to a parent a bit of a struggle.

We have all had those impromptu training sessions where we teach a parent how to type a text, log into emails or what a particular meme actually means.

Now, many of us are determined to introduce our mum to something created by mother nature herself – CBD.

Many mothers react with a raised eyebrow as soon as they hear the word ‘hemp’, before going off on a tangent about the importance of ‘staying away from drugs’.

So, first things first, expect the protective and cautious reaction and lead with the reassuring fact that CBD is non-psychoactive. IT DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH!

The next thing to explain is that CBD has an abundance of benefits. I spoke with my mum about the many people with fibromyalgia who use CBD, because this is something that is close to her heart as her sister has suffered from the condition for years.

Read up on the benefits of CBD and pass on the information that is most relevant to her.

We all like to sound smart to our mum but explaining CBD with terminology such as ‘cannabidiol’ and ‘cannabinoid’ will not only twist her tongue but possibly over complicate the explanation.

If you have already gone through IT training with your mum, sending her a link to a beginners guide could be an easy way to round up the conversation and leave it with her to make up her mind.

Maybe this time next year you will be enjoying Mothering Sunday with an afternoon CBD tea and a box of CBD chocolate!

Happy Mother’s Day!