Watching the CBD movement make its way into the hair and makeup industry feels like your favourite book being turned into a film – exciting!

Being a qualified beauty therapist, makeup artist and also a total CBD enthusiast, it is ticking all my dream treatment boxes!

Initially, CBD oil was used within existing beauty regimes by consumers at home, commonly as a hydrating skin oil, a potential acne treatment, and in the form of relaxing CBD tea to enhance overall well-being.

Salons and spas drove the next growth spurt, as the idea of using CBD oil within a home-based beauty regime evolved into professional beauty treatments in salons.

Scalp and body massages, CBD manicures, hair conditioning treatments and CBD facials are among the many mindful services salons now offer.

CBD is now firmly routed into the beauty and wellness industry, being infused and added into existing cosmetics ready to be sold as complete CBD beauty and wellness products.

Initially, companies such as Rosebud and Evio Beauty cropped up in America. Now, wellness companies like CUBID CBD are launching in the UK that make it easier than ever to add a little serenity into your life from the comfort of your own home.

No longer do we have to mix our CBD oil into our body butter and figure out the perfect ratio! No more CBD oil spills onto the carpet and no more self-made concoctions that we aren’t 100% sure about!

I can’t wait to indulge in the natural goodness that CBD cosmetics have to offer. I hope you enjoy them too!