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CBD skincare on World Eczema Day

While detailed research on CBD is in its infancy, studies to date have shown that CBD produces anti-inflammatory effects that may help problem skin.

World Eczema Day marks the start of National Eczema Week every September, as CBD becomes a popular skin solution.

What is eczema?

Eczema is a skin disease that causes chronic, inflammatory, recurring and non-infectious itchy skin in 1 in 5 children and 1 in 12 adults. With an increasing number of CBD-infused skincare products on the market, might CBD be of use for those with the skin condition?

The common skin complaint was originally labelled as a skin condition but it can also affect a person’s mental health and lead to the development of other diseases, making life difficult for those who suffer from eczema.

Those with eczema usually report having dry skin with red irritable patches while some also suffer with skin infections and joint pain.

CBD in skincare

CBD helps to restore balance in the skin. Naturally rich in antioxidants and a fat soluble extract, it works well at retaining moisture, preventing dry skin which can lead to irritation.

While research on CBD is in its infancy, studies to date have shown that CBD produces anti-inflammatory effects that may help with managing irritation reducing inflammation on the surface of the skin.

A study by the University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience found that CBD killed numerous strains of some bacteria, including VRSA, VISA and MRSA.

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How can I try CBD for on my skin?

One of the best ways to try CBD for a skin concern is by applying a soothing lotion or cream to the affected area, targeting that problem specifically.

There are also fun ways of experimenting with CBD, by enjoying a bath bomb for example. However if your skin is sensitive to essential oils, always look for a natural product.

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