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European CBD consumer survey data revealed

New Frontier Data has released some figures from its 2019 European overview of CBD consumers

The full report analyses public awareness, attitudes and uses of CBD using replies from 17 European countries.

The most significant survey findings in this survey include:

  • Only 16% of the 3,100 adults surveyed had used CBD, with the 58% of these having done so in the past six months.
  • Nearly three quarters (74%) of those who had tried CBD said that it had made a positive influence on their life.
  • 81% revealed that when purchasing CBD, product pricing was either ‘very important’ or ‘important’ to their decision making.
  • Almost half (48%) admitted to switching brands due to pricing.
  • Over half (55%) of all respondents said they believed CBD has valid medical uses.
  • But, almost the same figure (53%) were either unsure or believed CBD could get users high.

This report gives an overview of perceptions about CBD including consumer beliefs and behaviours in Europe specifically.

However, similar findings have been observed around the world.

According to consumer report surveys, 26% of Americans have tried CBD, the majority to help with anxiety, pain and sleep.

One US survey of senior citizens found that before trying CBD, 31% of respondents said they felt they have a good quality of life. After trying CBD, this number rose to 65%.

However, other data suggests that there needs to be more information circulated about the effects of CBD.

Eight in 10 respondents to a Dr Ed survey believed that CBD gave the same effects as smoking cannabis.

According to the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group, 76% of respondents in the UK would consider using medical cannabis for a condition if there was strong enough evidence to support its use.

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