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No Smoking Day 2019: Can CBD help in smoking cessation? Studies say it might.

Smokers are known to think about packing up often and many make repeated unsuccessful attempts to quit for good.

Ask any smoker – stubbing out those cigarettes for good isn’t easy and any tips to help in quitting are often sought after. CBD might just be what you have needed to kick the habit for good.

Misconceptions of CBD meant some people considered CBD to be an ‘addictive substance’ itself, but it’s quite the contrary.

The non-psychoactive plant extract is now being closely looked at to help curb cravings of the world’s most popular addiction – smoking.

One study that was solely focused on finding the potential anti-addictive effects CBD could have on active smokers has shown positive signs of reducing smoking rates in the subjects by up to 40%.

This is one of the first studies of its kind to be carried out.

It is safe to say that with encouraging results, more research will be conducted and new, in-depth findings will be shared more frequently.

Another study looked at CBD’s impact on overall addictive behaviour and resulted in a further understanding of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) influencing the brain’s reward system.

This is the part of the brain that responds to addictive substances.

The study provided more evidence that CBD could be used for treating addiction across many classes of stimulants, not just nicotine.

“Taken together, these studies suggest that CBD could play a key role in helping people quit smoking.”

That’s according to Professor Yasim Hurd, the director of the addiction institute at New York’s Mount Sinai hospital.

While more research is needed, CBD is already proving to be a potential way of helping smokers stop once and for all.

Vaping CBD e-liquid would probably be the most natural transition for cigarette smokers, but CBD edibles are a good option too.

Let’s hope No Smoking Day 2019 is the day you are finally tobacco free. Good luck!


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