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CBD101: Why should I take CBD oil under the tongue?

CBD101: Why should I take CBD oil under the tongue?

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There are so many different ways to take CBD. We examine the benefits of the sublingual method.

What are the benefits?

Placing small drops of CBD under the tongue is also known as the sublingual method. When liquids are placed under the tongue they are absorbed into the bloodstream through the blood vessels there.

This is a capillary-rich area, making this one of the fastest ways to take CBD.

Oils can take effect in about 15 to 25 minutes because they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver and stomach.

A small brown bottle of oil sits on a wicker mat next to a dropper.

How do I take it?

It’s easy!

Decide on your product and how many drops you want to take. Open your mouth and pop the dropper under your tongue before releasing a few drops of oil.

Allow the oil to sit under the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing.
After a while, if there is a taste or residue left in your mouth, you can wash it down with water to clear out any remaining oil.

Sprays can also be taken the same way and some people find these much easier to dose consistently.

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Three teaspoons in a row with different herbs on them resting on a lace placemat

How much do I take?

There is no right or wrong amount of CBD to take. Each person prefers a different amount of oil or tincture.

It is worth noting the effect that it has on you, the dosage and the product itself. Do you prefer a tincture or oil? Is it a low strength or higher strength product?

By recording the effects of the products you’ve taken, you can assess how affective it is for you and adjust the dose accordingly.

A cannabis leaf on a wooden backdrop with a small bottle of oil sitting on top.

Is this is the best way to take CBD?

There are now more ways than ever to take CBD, from tampons to tinctures to topicals. If you look at what type of pain you are looking to get some relief from, it could tell you what you need.

It’s also worth looking at any difficulties you may have with ingesting a product in a certain way. If you have issues with orally taking products or with the taste, then maybe capsules or patches could work better for you.

Oils and tinctures are a good place to start your CBD journey before experimenting with other consumption methods.

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A small jar of brightly coloured sweets on a wooden surface

Can’t I just eat it?

Yes you can.

Edibles are a great way of incorporating CBD into your daily routine and an even better way to have a sneaky treat.

However, if you are looking for quick absorption of CBD oil into the system then edibles may not be the best choice.

The food has to travel to the digestive system to be broken down by the body. It has to be passed through the liver which is known as the ‘first pass’ which will remove toxins and breaks it down further.

This means less CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream and it takes longer to do it.

A collection of herbs, leaves and flowers on a white background surrounding a small bottle of oil with a wooden stopper. There is a string bow around the neck of the bottle.

Which is better, a tincture or an oil?

A CBD tincture is an alcohol-based product. The alcohol is added to help extract the natural compounds of the plant then is also added to the product.

Tinctures normally have a flavouring added to disguise the taste like vanilla or mint. They can also easily be added to foods and drinks.

There may also be vitamins, herbal extracts or supplements like curcumin added to give the product a bit of an extra boost.

Oils contain CBD as a base, rather than alcohol. This makes them more viscous and often come with that distinctive ‘hempy’ taste that is less suited to foods than an alcohol-based tincture.

While oils are much more potent than tinctures, they also tend to be more expensive.

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What’s the best product for me?

The only way to find out is to try them. If you find one that you like, make a note of why it works for you. Is it the strength? The carrier oil? It will be helpful to know when it comes to ordering your next bottle.

We’ve made a list of some of our favourite oils below.

A bottle of purple and yellow CBD oil with lemon flavour stands in front of the box

Dr K: Lemon Golden Standard CBD Oil £24.99

A black box and a white bottle of FIKA CBD

FIKA CBD Premium Blueberry Oil 500mg £34.99

Greenheart CBD Oil – Organic Flax Seed CBD Oil 2.5% 100ml

A green srpay bottle of CBD oil from Beyou CBD. It has a white label with a blue bottom on it.

BeYou CBD Oral Spray £19.99

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